Field of Laughter

May 28, 2013

These four of mine, they trudge out to the middle of that hay field to satisfy a mother’s need for remembering moments. My sister looking through the viewfinder seeing us all laugh at posing just so, and smiling on cue.


She is Kaptured by Kelly and capture she does. Capturing moments this mother’s heart needs. Not just for the picture to be framed, but for the laughter of the day to sink deep into my soul, so that on days we are apart I can remember those special smiles we had out there in that field.

Small moments made big in my search for simple joy. Simple pure joy that fills a heart that overflows love. A kind of love that spills out when there are tough days. On days that we are separated by space or days when there is an empty house quiet and still.

On those days I will remember laughter in the field and remember God.



How much He has blessed our lives with these four. He placed them together in this world for a reason. He knows their hearts and knew they were a perfect fit to be siblings. I knew this long ago. Only did not realize how much they would rise to the occasion of being special.

On that day the youngest quit breathing they were there. There to see her lying on the ground with life fading. They were there to wait at the end of the lane to show the ambulance the way back to her. And they knew how much I needed them to be strongly calm, so that when I flew in the helicopter with her I knew they would be ok.


Hard days like that help us grow even more into the family God wants us to be. He carefully chose each of us to be together through hard, sad, happy, laughing days.

So, when the girls jumped onto the brother’s back, I smiled knowing that is exactly how God would have it. Siblings sharing the load of a world together with love, with God…four siblings growing in a field of laughter.



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4 Responses to “Field of Laughter”

  1. Sandy Tedeschi said

    Tina – what a beautiful family you have. They are blessed to have you as their mom. Keep sharing with us – you’re a fantastic writer!
    Sandy Tedeschi

  2. Great post. With tears, I will ‘reblog’ this. Our kids are much closer together in age, so we won’t have the situation you have, but something different, and all His plan.

    Once again, your language and phrasing teaches me.

    -ken lininger

  3. Reblogged this on Savanna Lininger's Journey with Epilepsy and commented:
    I can’t ‘add’ anything (other than I know what a field is and how to make a round bale of hay….), please read this post from this mother….

  4. Every post you write, i sit here crying, smiling, larghing and always remembering.
    You will forever be in my heart.
    I love you, Martins

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