Oh for the love of pizza! As summer days are melting away we have been loving pizza. Yes, we have pizza Friday back in our lives. There is a product called keto-cal powder and I have found a recipe that uses this powder for crust, with a tiny bit of sauce & cheese and just like that…we have pizza back! Actually she has been eating pizza everyday, three times a day.

 I’ve been finding that she goes through favorite stages. First she loved the chicken, butter, ranch combo. Then it was avocado and now it is pizza, pizza, pizza! She does have to do a quick shot(spoonful)of butter with each pizza to get the proper ratio. Despite the butter load up, I am just thrilled that the diet has been keeping her seizure free and pizza is back on the menu.

Another current favorite is sugar- free gum. One stick a day keeps the grouchy away! She chews it until it disintegrates into nothingness. These are the treats of a ketogenic diet kid. We are so grateful for the little things that make life good!

Thanking God for each melting moment…
Goodbye days of no pizza…Hello Butter

Hope you enjoy pictures of Claire and her “own special pizza”….

Pizza baking in the kitchen...

Pizza at the picnic table...

Pizza in the living room...

Pizza everywhere!


Picking Berries

July 13, 2011

I soaked in the quiet of this beautiful summer day and pondered the berries I saw growing on the hillside. It was a gentle reminder to me to enjoy simple. 

The simple pleasure of the warm summer breeze,the simple whispering of the trees,the simple melody of the birds joyful song and the simple sweetness of those berries.

In the midst of my frenzy to attempt a family vacation for the six of us,I stopped to appreciate the simple. It doesn’t matter where we travel or how we get there as long as I remember to keep seeing all the simple joys of the life I am surrounded by. All the blessings and beauty of creation. A world of simple gifts that God has placed before me.See,hear,taste and smell each breath of a moment created by my loving Father.Simple.

I am off to take my sweet Claire to harvest those sweet berries and enjoy  sweet simple and pause to say…

goodbye chaos…hello butter

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