Small is Big

September 22, 2012

 What will I remember?

When my eyes have become tired and mind fading? What will I remember about these days of living full? Of life that passes so quick, of school routines,volleyball matches and football games played? When the nest is empty and the house is quiet and still?

What will I remember?

 I really won’t remember the avalanche of homework and paperwork sprawled throughout the house, or late night suppers thrown together, dirty dishes and clothes piled high. Mini vans full of left over food,gear and Gatorade bottles empty.

  Instead, I will remember the firsts of all the moments a kindergartener has. Her first day of school, her first teachers,the making of her first friends and her first smiles of a happy heart filled with dreams and  learning.

full of smiles

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Instead, I will remember the smiling first days of a junior high daughter,exciting and full of all things new. The changing of class,the learning of new games and new routines.

  I really won’t remember those news stories in the morning paper,that would make me wonder about one reporters views of hard-fought games.  Hard fought games under the Friday night lights that seems so big, but really in this full life how big is it?

Instead, I will remember my mom heart full of nerves but always calmed by the knowledge that God is on the football field too.

It is the small moments of the game that are the biggest. It is the small moments of this game I will remember. I will remember the small moments of Fridays with bananas and yellow tape and scrubbing white cleats clean,taking priority. The hugging of a player excited to go to the lights, the quick word of encouragement always with a “play like its your last” theme.

I really won’t remember the score, or the yards gained, or passes thrown or even the news headlines.

Instead, I will remember the heart, the character, and the witnessing of God making boys to men. God blessing the game with boys all heart, that grow up playing hard and running fast to a life that is full.

A life full of small moments made big.

Small moments of team helping each other up when they are down, moments of blood, sweat and tears. Small moments of wrapping my arms around a young man learning to win in more ways than a scoreboard will ever show.

I will remember the game,the player,the kindergartener, the 7th grader…all being full of small moments big and just how big God is, especially in the small. Especially in the living full.

I will remember to say Hello God…Hello Butter

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Oh for the love of pizza! As summer days are melting away we have been loving pizza. Yes, we have pizza Friday back in our lives. There is a product called keto-cal powder and I have found a recipe that uses this powder for crust, with a tiny bit of sauce & cheese and just like that…we have pizza back! Actually she has been eating pizza everyday, three times a day.

 I’ve been finding that she goes through favorite stages. First she loved the chicken, butter, ranch combo. Then it was avocado and now it is pizza, pizza, pizza! She does have to do a quick shot(spoonful)of butter with each pizza to get the proper ratio. Despite the butter load up, I am just thrilled that the diet has been keeping her seizure free and pizza is back on the menu.

Another current favorite is sugar- free gum. One stick a day keeps the grouchy away! She chews it until it disintegrates into nothingness. These are the treats of a ketogenic diet kid. We are so grateful for the little things that make life good!

Thanking God for each melting moment…
Goodbye days of no pizza…Hello Butter

Hope you enjoy pictures of Claire and her “own special pizza”….

Pizza baking in the kitchen...

Pizza at the picnic table...

Pizza in the living room...

Pizza everywhere!

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