Days of butter are going well especially since Claire is doing better!

We are on week six already and only one big seizure. She had three seizures the week before we started the diet. So that is quite an improvement. There have been a few days that I am suspicious of her having seizures we don’t see. The only way to know if her brain is having those “unseen” seizures is an EEG. We will have another one in October after three months of the diet. 

Until then we are enjoying these butter days, oh I mean better days.

Another plus is the addition of Breyers Low Carb Vanilla ice cream. I had the dietician put the nutritional facts into are ketocalculator and this was the result….

While she enjoyed this new treat, I don’t think it replaces her good old cone from pre- diet days. Notice the grit in this concoction? Well to get the proper ration I had to add fats. And you guessed it…chunks of butter and macadamia nuts. Like I said not her usual ice cream treat. I will have to fine tune the ratio for next time.

One more diet treat we have really fallen in love with is the avocado.

 It is a ketogenic dream carb. I love it not only because it tastes so good, but also because it is the perfect fat to carb ratio. This means I don’t need to add one single drop of cream or butter to this wonderful fruit, or is it a vegetable?

I don’t know for sure what class of food it falls into all that I know is that it is easy. I cut one up and weigh it so that I know how many calories it is and put it on a plate! Like I said its a dream food for those on the ketogenic diet.

Claire calls it her “cado” (rhymes with motto) She likes to use the word my now when she is talking about her food. Where’ s my “cado”, where’s my chicken and sauce are just a few examples of “her food”.

And can I just say I am becoming some what of a master chef in the ketogenic kitchen? I have never bought so much healthy food in one grocery store trip. Today I just knew people were looking into my cart and thinking “wow, what a healthy family that must be?” I even had salmon in my shopping cart. Along with lettuce,cucumbers, cilantro, tomatoes, onions,green peppers, bananas, and of course avocados!

We didn’t need butter today. We have a good supply always on hand since it is after all the staple of her diet.

Goodbye shopping carts full of junk food…Hello Butter!


Butter Birthday Bliss

June 13, 2011

Our first birthday party on the ketogenic diet was a success. I think it was even better than previous parties because I was not focused on food preparation. Instead, we had a tea party for Claire. It was perfect since the food consisted of mini versions of quiche, cheesecake,  & eclairs all from the GFS store. Easy, take out of the box & make pretty on a plate.

Claire was happy with her chocolate cupcake made from a recipe on the myketocal website and figured portions on the ketocalculator. I don’t think it was the best cake she has ever had, but I think for my first try it wasn’t too bad. I used finely shredded coconut instead if coconut flour, I think it was a little too  gritty.

Birthday cake on the ketogenic diet

She is allowed herbal tea, but we haven’t found a flavor she likes. I’ve even tried apple tea to replace the apple juice she loved so much. She has been happy with drinking water and just one diet caffeine free pop a day.

We are still missing ice cream and she does not like the frozen cream with fruit that she is allowed. So we have replaced ice cream with plain shaved ice. I do use sugar-free syrup occasionally to make it more of a flavored treat. But we try to limit artificial sweeteners, especially if she has had her diet pop.

Our family loves a good spread at a good party, but we really didn’t miss the food. We just enjoyed the being together to celebrate another year of God’s blessings in the life of our amazing miracle girl.

We keep asking Claire ” how old are you” and she grins her big sparkling smile and says “I’m four…where did three and a half go?”  so today we say…

Goodbye three and a half…Hello Butter

Sugar- Free Summer

June 8, 2011

Another school year has flown by and here comes summer!

It will be an interesting sugar-free summer. I know this because I am really missing ice cream. I have not perfected the home-made ice cream that Claire can have,but will have to soon. Ice cream is one tradition we can not do without!

The day before her diet,one last real treat!

A smile to melt my heart!







So the kids have completed another year of learning and so have I…


What I’ve learned so far about the ketogenic diet:

1. The astounding ability that children have to adapt to any situation. Claire can be happy no matter what life throws her.

2. Routine is better than chaos. The diet is most effective when maintained as a daily routine. The kitchen now has open & closed hours.

3. The ketogenic diet changes how one thinks of food. I am amazed that such small portions of food are enough to fuel the body.

4. Faith and butter are key to balanced living onsuch a strict diet therapy.

5.Positive attitude is everything. It’s hard to be sad when you are happy!

6. Giving up sweet sugar treats is hard. But the reward is living a richer life. We enjoy simple sugar-free pleasures. A strawberry tastes so much sweeter when your taste buds have forgotten what sugar is.

7. Butter days can be better days. Meaning,make the most of what you’ve been given.

8. And last but not least, God’s plan is the best plan. Trust Him and your life will be butter…oh I mean better!

Goodbye school days & ice cream…Hello Butter!

Stay the Course

May 27, 2011

Stay the Course,God has You

I want to take a moment to praise God today for His faithfulness.

This diet is not only for Claire to have a better seizure free
life, but for our whole family to remember to focus on the important things in life.(by the way, it’s not food)

I can slowly spin out of balance, just like an overloaded washing machine. I talk a lot to God, so I know the familiar unbalanced sway and can correct it before completely spinning out of control. He has a gentle whisper that calms my heart. With out my daily quiet time with my Jesus, I can easily cave to the overloaded “washer” spin out of balance life.

So with all that being said, I am listening to the whispers. I can do this because God has this.
We can take this change and better our lives mostly because we are even more dependent on God to get us through all the highs and lows that a dieting  family has to go through.

Is anyone else too overloaded? Is your spin cycle about to become unbalanced? Take a breath, stay the course, God has you.

Goodbye unbalanced…Hello Butter!

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