Say No To Normal

September 5, 2011

Did you know that it was over labor day week end, that Claire had her first seizure? And 3 years later we are praising this season of seizure freedom!

 Thank you ketogenic diet.

We will know for sure just how seizure free she is after an EEG in Pittsburgh later this month. But she is showing no signs of “big seizures”,amazing! Her EEG will tell us if she is still having the silent ones,which I think she may still be having a few of those. There are times when she stares too long. But yet there are times she is staring and announces: ” I am staring”… its hard to say what is really going on inside that head of hers,lol.

 With this season of seizure freedom I find myself saying: ” I feel like we are getting back to normal” until one day I looked up the meaning of normal.

Have you ever looked up the definition of normal? It’s meaning doesn’t really describe our life. It used to be something I thought we should eventually get back to.

I’ve decided I don’t want normal back! I want to live outside of the definition. I have been made better,stronger,more faithful by the “not normal” way of life we’ve been living due to Claire’s seizures.

Sometimes in all the chaos of life, we seem to strive to get back to normal(usual, routine,ordinary) but why not strive to keep living extraordinary, unusual, special, exceptional lives? I think our hearts should embrace the changes we fight so hard to avoid. Take normal and redefine it in life. As a matter of fact quit trying to find it again…..

I am saying goodbye to normal and…hello butter!

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