Best of Living

June 12, 2013

girls relay

The lump in my throat swelled as we rushed into the front gates of that stadium. Fans all yelling for teams running around the track, excitement thick in the air.
I see the blue & gold colors flash by as our girls team place in this race of whole state. Believing is to Be Living.

And more tears well in my eyes as we are witness to the first wheelchair race in history at a high school level. Claire cheers as they go by, my heart soars with hope knowing there is a chance she can compete one day.Believing is to Be Living.

A weekend in Columbus full of the accomplishment of many young athletes and coaches too as our own coach is honored for years of dedication to this sport of track & field.Believing is to Be Living.

Then to see medals placed around the necks of a poised team of four boys also dressed in blue and gold. United they are. Proud parents we are. Hard work and determination to achieve their own piece of history. A race to a set goal, just shy of reaching the record they stand on the podium to shine smiles that melt hearts. Moments to cherish, smiles to remember, races to show that Believing is to Be Living.


And today marks six years of racing with determination,faith and goals that were said to be impossible. But a special little soul has never quit running,never quit believing…She is six years old today.



Happy Birthday Claire! Thank you for inspiring me to believe because the best comes when you decide to not just believe but to be living.  Be Living full in the moments God has blessed us with. Believing is to Be Living.


Quote from Ann Voskamp @

Claire’s Birthday Pictures by Kaptured by Kelly


8 Responses to “Best of Living”

  1. Karina said

    Love the blog! Congrats to Michael on his achievements at State annnnd Happy Birthday to Claire! Love, love, LOVE her birthday pictures!

  2. Shirley Rosser said

    6 years old :).
    I remember that day all too well. what love and fun she has brought into the lives of so many. I am a lucky person to know that little girl, and her family,
    I love you, Martins.

  3. Jodi Briceland said

    Beautiful, Tina! We’re honored to be a part of your blog. Happiest of Birthdays to the beautiful Claire. She brings joy to everyone she meets!

  4. Julee said

    Beautifully said, Tina! Happy Birthday to Claire! She is a beautiful little girl and it amazes me how God uses those like Jimmie and Claire to touch an unbelieveable amount of lives. When Jimmie was suffering with serious resperatory issues and the doctors suggested that Connie and Jim “let him go” because his quality of life was going to be poor, I’m so glad that they listened to their hearts and not the medical experts. Jimmie never spoke a word nor took a step, yet four people’s lives were committed to Christ at his funeral. I know that Claire (and your family) have touched MANY lives in that same way! Thank you for your faith and your perseverence through the last six years! To God be the Glory!

  5. Sandy Tedeschi said

    Happy Birthday to Claire! She is a true miracle given to great parents.

  6. Wendy Pope said

    happy birthday to the sweetest claire i know!!! love you sweetness!!!

  7. Audrey Hall said

    Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl. I don’t personally know her, but know her mom and I’m learning more about this little life through these wonderful words in the blog.

  8. Brenda said

    Hi Tina, Thinking back to the day Shirley and I came to the hospital to see Claire for my first time. God has watched over you and your family so many times. Hard to believe that Claire is already 6 yrs. old !!
    Hope you had a great birthday Claire (and family) Also congrats. to United’s rack teams !!

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