Scars Bared

November 26, 2012

Her shirt off and scars bared, no care in the world, only reading. Or imagining or just plain living in a world of five years old. She has learned far more than doctors diagnosed. She would be blind, deaf and unable to speak are words that echoed in my mind for awhile. Until she started to live, breathe and overcome or hurdle over all that stood and stands in her way.

A much needed breath of thanksgiving , after a holiday seizure tried to steal it away.

There in this morning sun, she reminds me of hope, hope for days of joy, peace and a love that transcends all understanding.

It is God here in this morning. God that shines through her naked, scarred body to read words that only she can see. Oh how grateful I am for these everyday miracles, smiling small moments of brilliant light. God’s light through her. Small moments big …Moments of Hello God Given Miracles…Hello Butter

1000 gifts…adding this and still counting…


© 2012 hellobutter


5 Responses to “Scars Bared”

  1. shirley rosser said

    geez, I really am at a loss for words. To think what she.. all of you, have gone through.. and then to see this. And really, people doubt there is an awesome God.
    love you all especiall that little Claire Bear.

  2. I found you via the bloggy mom’s blog hop, but almost feel like I’ve intruded on a really personal moment. God is in control, and God is good. Sending you blessings and kind thoughts.

  3. My Tropical Home said

    Yes, God is indeed in control…always…

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