Like It’s Last

August 25, 2012

“Play each game like it’s your last, and don’t forget to pray” I hollered to him as he was leaving for the Friday night lights. He just smiled at me big with an agreeing yes and hopped in the truck to go live life full as a young life should.

For five years we have been living this new motto of living each moment to the fullest. Last night was just another reminder of why.

Claire had a seizure while watching her big brother run fast and play hard. Life is like that. Hard times come from no where. Hard times can hit you at any time, any place and almost always when you least expect, even on the sidelines of a football game.

I hate these seizures! They can have a tendency to make me want to seize up in life. When Claire suffers through one, I suffer along with her. Any one who is witness to these horrific episodes also suffer with her. But then, there is Grace! I can only stay calm when I am breathing His Grace.

“And don’t forget to pray!”

Knowing the only way to live each moment full is by breathing Grace and praying for the peace that can only come when living full in God. Which means living full in the knowing that He is in control of this breathing life.

We are reminded life is fragile and passes so quickly. We have to play each game like it’s the last and yes it can be very hard, but the reward is God’s peace, joy and a heart full of love.

We breathe Grace, live love and just keep on playing and praying.

He holds our lives in his ever capable hands, even when I am holding her while we wait for her to wake up to shine that smile so bright. And wake up she did, all smiles, all better, all happy and all ready to say hello life with her reassuring thumbs up smile this morning I can say… Hello God in each play of this game…Hello Butter


9 Responses to “Like It’s Last”

  1. Bucky Dann said

    Patience is a divine gift.

  2. shirley rosser said

    That little Claire Bear is one of God’s favorites. He watches over her, and He gave her to you, the Martin’s, to take care of.
    She is blessed, as well as all of you because of her.
    I love you all, and prayers are always there.

  3. bettyl said

    What a wonderful post! We don’t always know why we have to do things but knowing that He will see us through is so much comfort. Great post.

  4. Sandy Tedeschi said

    Your words are such an inspiration. Putting all your faith in God is hard at times, but Claire is living proof that he has a plan. Bless all of you.

  5. wendy pope said

    i love you BIG sweet claire!!!!!

  6. You have such a godly way of choosing your attitude and activities with intensity falling on your plate. HE is the Redeemer and Restorer. He only can be the Answer. BUT a loving caregiver can fill a stress-filled life with joy and gladness. Lovely little one, too, BTW.

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