God Mist at USCG Graduation

June 10, 2012

Her eyes lit and smile shined as she wrapped open arms around him. Excitedly she whispers, “I misted you” and he glows with deep love for his sweet baby sister. My eyes “misted” as I lived this moment in full joy. It was one of those times in life that captures not only heart but soul. Knowing that these siblings may have never met this side of heaven.

This was not our first visit to Cape May. Five years earlier as we tried to process the grim facts of Claire’s diagnosis we landed close to that same stretch of ocean. My five month pregnant self needed to feel the calm of the sea, hoping Claire would also feel the peace. Looking back to all the swirling emotions,I never dreamed we would re-visit the ocean with Claire by our side.

 So, having her play in the sand and seeing her hair kissed by the breeze was a full circle moment. This time was not only a celebration of our son’s accomplishment it was also a revelation and testimony to the power of love and trusting a God who has planned our tomorrows. Being able to see the past of uncertainty come into the presence of a “misted” embrace can only be described as God. No words can do justice to a God moment, not only this one, but all of life as He orchestrates, past, present and future.

Tuesday will be Claire’s fifth year of living miracles. I remember her first days in the NICU as we gazed at her beauty,asking Bryan “do you think she will ever be able to smile, do you think she will ever know who we are?”  and God answered…

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13 Responses to “God Mist at USCG Graduation”

  1. Sandy Tedeschi said

    Tina – I so enjoy reading your inspirational posts about Claire. She is so special. What an amazing smile and a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday Claire and congratulations to your son!
    Sandy Ward Tedeschi

  2. shirley rosse said

    Oh my God Tina.. as I sit here and cry, I am amazed at you, Claire, and at God’s grace. You both have God in your corner, and He watches over you both.
    5 years, what a wonder, how God works through you to inspire others.
    I love that little Claire Bear, and I love you Tina Martin.
    Love to you all, Shirley

  3. wendy cosgrove said

    Thank you, Tina…not just for all your beautiful stories, but for always reminding me of what really matters and how God’s gifts come in such special packages. I’m SO grateful for the best package of all–Claire and her amazing family! God bless BJ on his graduation and Claire on her birthday!!

  4. Brenda said

    What a wonderful message this is to the end of a beautiful day spent with the ones I love !! Tina…you have done such a great deal over the last 5+ years. You sure do have a special family and a never ending blessings and friends. Thanks for the up-date ♥ ♥

  5. wendy pope said

    your faith has strengthened everyone dear friend!!!! God has been faithful because you have been faithful. thank you for sharing God’s goodness with the world…God smiles when we brag on Him.

    i love you all! hug the birthday girl for me.

  6. r.elliott said

    we are neighbors @ GodBumps…and yes this does qualify…so beautiful…so sweet…thanks for sharing this moment of joyful celebration in your family. blessings to you~

  7. Precious. We will be going down for our sons Army Basic Training Grad and will have similar moments. Thank you for sharing.
    Keep up the God work

    • Congratulations to you & your son! You will no doubt have touching moments during this new season being a military Mom. thanks for stopping by here, nice to meet you 🙂 blessings, Tina

  8. Beautiful sharing. Made my heart smile.

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