Hello Butter Proud

March 30, 2012

I can hardly breathe through the proud of this moment…

There are a lot of moments through out life  that are hard on a mother’s heart. Sending a son off to boot camp ranks high on that list.
Such a flood of emotions swirled  around this day. I am so proud of the young man that stood shoulders back and right hand raised to swear an oath to his country.

Letting go has been easier to write than live. Since this post: https://hellobutter.wordpress.com/2012/03/15/letting-goletting-god/ I have been riding the waves of emotion. I am excited for my oldest to be embarking on a new adventure but, sorry that another season of life has quickly passed.

A bittersweet time for a mothers heart as we say goodbye to boys in search of manhood. I look at the beauty of seasons past  trying  to imagine the next moments of motherhood, finding new ways to be joyful in all things.

Wrapping my arms around him knowing when I see him again, all boy will have slipped away. Tears were proud, joyful and a tiny bit sad. Sad only because I love being a mom to babies and now my baby is all grown.

We have to say good bye to days of past and to boys of young so that we may live in the fullness of life that God has planned. See gifts of beauty in the eyes of a son no matter how grown,no matter the season.

Semper Paratus~Always ready. Always ready to see God, always ready to live full.

Hello God in all the seasons…Hello Butter


10 Responses to “Hello Butter Proud”

  1. Leelaa :) said

    Beautifully said 🙂

  2. Carol said

    Oh my, this hit home today! My 17 yr old man/son is graduating this June and leaving for Air Force boot-camp 6/26. Feeling these same emotions. I love the “Always ready to see God – always ready to live full”. Very good!

  3. As always Tina, my heart is always “something” when I read your posts.
    Happy, sad, remembering, joyful, seems bursting with pride. You run the whole scope of feelings and make me remember mine too !!!
    I know that the Coast Guard will be very proud to have this young man !!!
    I love you Tina, that whole Martin crew.

  4. Touched the herts :O. Nice blog

  5. Your son is a very brave man! And we are blessed to live in a nation with young men like him & parents like you!

    Your closing to this was extremely impactful!

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