A Ketogenic Snowy Ice Cream Treat

February 11, 2012

There are few treats that the Ketogenic diet allows. But today we tried something new…

Snow ice cream!

I found a few general ideas for making snow ice cream online then adapted it for Claire.

I decided to replace the milk or cream commonly used in this recipe with the KetoCal formula. Then, I measured 25gm of the KetoCal formula (powder form, mixed with water) and the girls set out to gather some fresh fallen snow. I think the key to achieve the best taste is having good CLEAN snow!


There wasn’t much to it,

1. Pour the milk:

2. Add snow

3. Keep mixing until it turns to ice cream

4. Smiles sprinkled on top 🙂

Snow ice cream was the perfect answer for a “keto kid” that hasn’t had a treat like this in ages. I would say it was a success. I also made a small batch with whole milk and sugar for everyone else, however they are used to the good stuff and were not as impressed with this.

I have to say I was impressed with the texture. It turned out better than previous times I’ve tried to make “special” ice cream for Claire. Normally, Claire has to eat or drink every drop of every morsel on her plate since it is measured so accurately to achieve the proper diet ratio. The nice thing about using the formula is that it already has the proper ratio. So, if she doesn’t finish it all, it’s ok, since it’s calculated correctly. It just means fewer calories than figured. Too confusing? Let’s just say this is an easy treat for me to prepare and let her go.

We had lots of fresh snow today, but it was too windy & cold to play in,so this was a good way to have fun without getting Claire too cold.

It is possible on a butter diet to say hello Snowy Treats while we also say…Hello Butter

PS~I apologize for the poor quality of pictures, I was using my cell phone. When I grow up I would love to have a beautiful photography blog,it’s just not today!


8 Responses to “A Ketogenic Snowy Ice Cream Treat”

  1. Hello my little buttery Claire. I wish I could have seen you take that first bite.. I’ll bet your little tummy felt good.
    I love you… and your Mommy.

  2. wendy cosgrove said

    It’s amazing how a story about something so COLD can make your heart feel so WARM!! Thanks for brightening up a blustery day, Claire!!

  3. hello,
    I’m mum to an Italian 8 years old boy, Nicolò, who is on keto diet since 3 months. At the moment no improvements have been reached and I’m so demoralized..but I like your idea!
    I will take time to read your blog and get new ideas to go on..



    • Mirella,
      Very nice to meet you here and I would be happy to help you with new ideas. My email is 6martinsnest@gmail.com but my first advice is to never give up & never stop questioning. Things to keep in mind is every child responds differently. We use the diet & medication to control seizures. Medication alone was not working. Also we have room to increase the diet ratio. Claire is at 3.5 right now & if she starts to have any seizure activity our doctors would increase her ratio to 4:1. Hang in there! I wish the very best for you & your son. Blessings, Tina

      • Thank you Tina. Thank you so much for your nice words and advice. Nicolò is actually at 3:1 ratio and he takes Depakin, Lamictal and Zarontin. The ketons are always very high (tonight he had 6,4!) and dietologists were thinking of passing to 2:1 ratio. But now seizures have increased. Anyway, we will wait and see what happens. If you wanna take a look at my blog (even if it is in Italian..) you will see Nicolò and the way he partied for his birthday..let’s stay in touch, ok?
        I will send you an e-mail as soon as I have 5 minutes time.



  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking it 🙂

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