January 29, 2012

Miracles happen! Short but sweet video of our amazing supergirl!



“Unspeakable,unending,thanks be to God…”


5 Responses to “SUPERGIRL~CLAIRE”

  1. Leelaa :) said

    Video is SO sweet ❤ I am going to have to get over there to see that girl and her mama!

  2. That was just the absolute highlight of my weekend 🙂 It always amazes me how Claire makes everything so easy! Love her!!

  3. Paula said

    This child is kissed by God……she also has such a beautiful smile

  4. charis said

    your daughter is so sweet – what a blessing. just visiting from ann’s blog link up – you were one of the links next to mine. have a blessed week!

    my recent post: how to change what your heart loves

  5. Wendy Pope said

    i am SOOOOOO proud of you!!!!! i can’t wait until you run right into my arms for a BIG hug!
    keep up the hard work my sweetness.
    love to you all….

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