Awareness & God

November 1, 2011

November is Epilepsy Awareness month. I am spreading awareness by sharing some very amazing news.
We were at Pittsburgh Children’s a couple of weeks ago for a 24 hour EEG. Today, I spoke with our neurologist’s nurse. She told me that Claire’s EEG was looking normal! When compared to all of Claire’s previous EEG’s this one was the best.
Does this mean Claire is cured of Epilepsy? No. She still has Epilepsy. This just means that during the 24 hours on the monitor, she had no seizure activity. Her brainwaves still show she can have seizures. She just isn’t having as many(a few small ones now and then) and had none during the testing.
So,  this is great news and a huge improvement from previous testing which showed lots of seizure activity. She truly is 100% better and is functioning at such a better quality of life. Her smile says it all!

I am giving all the credit to an amazing God who keeps working miracles in the life of this special child. I know for certain we were directed to the right plan for her by His hand. We chose the ketogenic diet, but not before praying and listening to what God placed in our hearts. I have always made decisions for Claire in this way. I know its right when I feel a peace about the decision. And let me tell you my heart is at peace. Not only do I feel at peace, I am also joyful in the love I feel God shower down upon us!
Always trust, never stop praying and find a peace only our loving Father can give! Miracles happen!
So, I am confident today to be able to say….
Goodbye seizures…Hello Butter!


7 Responses to “Awareness & God”

  1. I was just reading your post and my Meggers came over and said she looks like me! *grin* I’m so glad things seem to be looking up for you! Meg had a period of about 3 years without a seizure and just recently started having them again. We’ve found a medicine that seems to be working we just have to tweak the dose every now and then! Thanks for linking up and sharing your story! :0)

  2. Wendy Pope said

    hi martins! this is awesome news. big hugs to all!!!!

    • Wendy, We just finished listening to your Blog this morning & I am in awe of your obedience. I am going to email you later to let you know what God has been whispering. Love ya girlfriend! Have a peaceful weekend in MN! Thought about coming, but 13 hrs is just too far 😦

  3. Tribble Wife said

    Thank you so *very* much for posting this! I was in my late twenties when my epilepsy was diagnosed and a sleep-deprived EEG a few years ago showed exactly what happens in my brain – I have “generalised epilepsy”, which starts in one part of the brain but spreads all over, apparently.

    Claire is gorgeous, with the most adorable smile. She is obviously a very happy little girl in spite of her condition, and she is lucky to have such a loving family.

    I hope you don’t object to me “following” you; I can’t not after reading this 🙂

  4. tigercity said

    Hi, I’m delighted your lovely little girl is feeling better.. I must admit I’m not at all a religious person but that doesn’t matter here.. whether it be miracle or medicine, I wish Claire all the best and hope she enjoys a magical childhood and continues to defeat the epilepsy.. lots of love.. Dominic. (oh and thanx for popping by my blog!)

  5. Aunt B said

    Hi! I don’t get a lot of info unless I go on line, but, you know you are always in my prayers & I’m delighted to hear that tne news is GOOD. God bless & love always, Aunt B.

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