Ketogenic Diet Pizza & Happiness

August 7, 2011

Oh for the love of pizza! As summer days are melting away we have been loving pizza. Yes, we have pizza Friday back in our lives. There is a product called keto-cal powder and I have found a recipe that uses this powder for crust, with a tiny bit of sauce & cheese and just like that…we have pizza back! Actually she has been eating pizza everyday, three times a day.

 I’ve been finding that she goes through favorite stages. First she loved the chicken, butter, ranch combo. Then it was avocado and now it is pizza, pizza, pizza! She does have to do a quick shot(spoonful)of butter with each pizza to get the proper ratio. Despite the butter load up, I am just thrilled that the diet has been keeping her seizure free and pizza is back on the menu.

Another current favorite is sugar- free gum. One stick a day keeps the grouchy away! She chews it until it disintegrates into nothingness. These are the treats of a ketogenic diet kid. We are so grateful for the little things that make life good!

Thanking God for each melting moment…
Goodbye days of no pizza…Hello Butter

Hope you enjoy pictures of Claire and her “own special pizza”….

Pizza baking in the kitchen...

Pizza at the picnic table...

Pizza in the living room...

Pizza everywhere!


7 Responses to “Ketogenic Diet Pizza & Happiness”

  1. wendy pope said

    claire…i LOVE pizza! that makes me like you.

  2. Anything to make that little Claire happy and hungry !! She is without a doubt a light in my life… you both are, and I hope you know it.
    Thanks for all the prayers for me…. I give them to Claire and her family every day too.
    I Love you all !!

  3. Jessie said

    Oh for the love of pizza! I was looking for some gluten free pizza today. 😦 I didn’t find any. My poor pizza heart is a bottomless pit of pizza nothingness! BUT- I’m so glad that your sweetheart got to have her pizza. If I could eat it and stay healthy-I’d eat it 5 times a day!

  4. Liberty Siluis said

    “Effects of a ketogenic diet on the quality of life in 16 patients with advanced cancer: A pilot trial” by Schmidt et al. Studies of dietary therapy for conditions other than epilepsy continue to grow, especially for cancer. In this study of 16 patients from Germany, a modified ketogenic diet (70 grams/day carbohydrates, high fat shake added) was helpful in slowing disease progression and improving quality of life scores in 6. This was impressive considering how advanced the disease was in these patients.”

    Look at all of the helpful blog post on our own blog site

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