A true Proverbs 31 Woman

July 25, 2011

Our life is truly surrounded by butter these days. But having this diet change in my life makes me think of butter differently. I think of my life being made richer by the changes a high fat diet has brought. I look at a stick of butter and can’t help but think, ” I am rich” and I begin to count the ways I am rich.

One of the ways I am made rich is by being richly blessed by the abundance of love in this life. Knowing it is a stepping stone to eternity, the love found here and now is but a small foretaste of what our awesome Creator allows us to experience before we can all be called into His kingdom to love in ways beyond our mind can fathom.
God has blessed me beyond abundance with love that surrounds my heart and grows my soul.
Family love is one that makes my heart strong, but another love is just as great is that of a friend. While I have many to speak of today, I am talking of a southern beauty that walks and talks a love beyond what the eyes see straight to a heart that feels. She walks the Proverbs 31 woman’s life.

Wendy & Claire love

Wendy is love, Wendy helps my soul grow by just being in her presence and the strength of her heart pulls at mine. She is made strong by faith that she grows with living as a daughter of the Almighty King. The result of her faith is His love that shines as  she walks through this life.

my eyes are so puffy tired, they look closed

I am honored God introduced this amazing friend into my life. We were reminded this weekend at the She Speaks conference of seeing life’s gifts, thank you Ann Voskamp for the gift of your mesmerizing voice and beautiful heart.


On my One Thousand Gifts list…my sweet friend,sister in Christ,Wendy Pope

4 Responses to “A true Proverbs 31 Woman”

  1. Wendy Pope said

    well—the southern is almost in the ugly cry. you my friend inspire and encourage my faith as well. you were given an unexpected blessing, that came with life altering needs. you have risen to meet the challenge with excellence and are stronger because of it.
    i am better for having you and claire in my life. you and claire too are one of my 1000 gifts

    • Wendy, I believe one day while in Paradise God will show you all He did through you on Earth and you will see the amount of His love that bloomed through one of His most faithful servants! My transformed heart will be included with all those that were transformed by your faithfulness. XOXO

  2. wendy cosgrove said

    Such beautiful tributes to TWO amazing women of God!! Claire has done such wonderous deads just by being here and shining the light of the Lord so much brighter for ALL to see!! Thanks to all of you!!

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