Butter Days are Better Days

June 25, 2011

Days of butter are going well especially since Claire is doing better!

We are on week six already and only one big seizure. She had three seizures the week before we started the diet. So that is quite an improvement. There have been a few days that I am suspicious of her having seizures we don’t see. The only way to know if her brain is having those “unseen” seizures is an EEG. We will have another one in October after three months of the diet. 

Until then we are enjoying these butter days, oh I mean better days.

Another plus is the addition of Breyers Low Carb Vanilla ice cream. I had the dietician put the nutritional facts into are ketocalculator and this was the result….

While she enjoyed this new treat, I don’t think it replaces her good old cone from pre- diet days. Notice the grit in this concoction? Well to get the proper ration I had to add fats. And you guessed it…chunks of butter and macadamia nuts. Like I said not her usual ice cream treat. I will have to fine tune the ratio for next time.

One more diet treat we have really fallen in love with is the avocado.

 It is a ketogenic dream carb. I love it not only because it tastes so good, but also because it is the perfect fat to carb ratio. This means I don’t need to add one single drop of cream or butter to this wonderful fruit, or is it a vegetable?

I don’t know for sure what class of food it falls into all that I know is that it is easy. I cut one up and weigh it so that I know how many calories it is and put it on a plate! Like I said its a dream food for those on the ketogenic diet.

Claire calls it her “cado” (rhymes with motto) She likes to use the word my now when she is talking about her food. Where’ s my “cado”, where’s my chicken and sauce are just a few examples of “her food”.

And can I just say I am becoming some what of a master chef in the ketogenic kitchen? I have never bought so much healthy food in one grocery store trip. Today I just knew people were looking into my cart and thinking “wow, what a healthy family that must be?” I even had salmon in my shopping cart. Along with lettuce,cucumbers, cilantro, tomatoes, onions,green peppers, bananas, and of course avocados!

We didn’t need butter today. We have a good supply always on hand since it is after all the staple of her diet.

Goodbye shopping carts full of junk food…Hello Butter!


4 Responses to “Butter Days are Better Days”

  1. You know when God was wondering what Mommy he should give this little girl to, he certainly knew it would be you. You were chosen out of all the other mommies, and for a very good reason.
    I love you Tina, you are my hero.
    And that little Claire, her smile is enough to light up a city !!!
    Love and hugs,

  2. wendy cosgrove said

    Now you’re making ME hungry!! What an extra blessing that Claire is SO adaptable!! I have a great guacamole recipe that uses all those good things if you ever want to use those “cados” in another way!!

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