Quietly He Rocks

June 18, 2011

The quiet strength of his soul whispering as he stood

sentinel at her bedside. Her life as fragile as his faith

strong. The moments unknown he never faltered, faithful

father surrendering his heart to a will not his own.

God’s plan. Softly he stood by her with a heart of hope,

gently touching souls. His faith strong made a fragile life

begin to bloom. Days passed as their hearts melted together in love.

She being nourished by more than medicine could give.

Peaceful joy becoming tangible as his quiet strength continued

to whisper her well. Three weeks of uncertainty until a

father holding his daughter came home. A quiet strength

whispering  her soul strong, the most solid foundation

his love could build… a husband who truly rocks.


© 2011 hellobutter

2 Responses to “Quietly He Rocks”

  1. I’m sure this will be in a frame. How lucky that little Claire Bear is to have you both.. both solid as a rock.
    love you,

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