Friday Funday!

June 3, 2011

Before diet days, we knew Fridays as “Pizza Friday”, but now it would be too hard for Claire to see us gorging on pizza. There is a recipe for “keto pizza” that she would probably enjoy,but it would be a small amount. And as I have said before, the word more breaks my heart.

Sooo, we are re-inventing Fridays. They are now known as Friday Funday 🙂

Since we are trying to focus on life, and not food, I thought Friday Funday would help. I will be posting something fun we have done and sharing pictures. I would love for every one who visits this page to share some fun activities you enjoy too.

Here’s what we did today…

This shop was full of FUN finds


Claire at the Curio Shop


Yardsale find! Claire loves it 🙂


Goodbye Pizza Friday…Hello Butter


5 Responses to “Friday Funday!”

  1. Shirley said

    Claire.. you get more cute as the days go by.
    Tina.. you get more butterfied as the days go by.
    You are both just awesome !!!!!
    There is no sense saying good luck.. keep up the good work… ‘Cause you far succeed what good work means.
    I love you both.

  2. Wendy Pope said

    i love that smile! oh my I could take a bite out of her. courage means the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty. tina-you are courageous!

  3. Samantha Aldish said

    Let me start off first by saying you two are the most AMAZING CHICKS I KNOW!!!!! Anytime I feel down I can look to you and Claire and she INSTANTLY reminds me that there is SOOOO much more to life! Here smile is soooooooooo POWERFUL!
    Austintown Bounce is a place for her to play on a rainy day and fun 🙂
    Hot Pots in Alliance could be a fun art day date 🙂
    if i think of anymore I will let you know! Until then keep smilin, keep shinin, and HELLO Butter! I pray that this will be the trick. Can’t wait to see you girls!

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