Is It Working?

May 31, 2011

A good day! Her purse doubles as a hat,funny girl!

Today officially marks two weeks since Claire started the Ketogenic Diet.
The big question on my mind is, does it work?


There have been a few days it seemed we had a new and improved version of the Claire we all know and love. She seemed brighter, quicker and just really “with it”. The picture above is an example of this. Just playing and being a comedian. A normal toddler life.

Then just when I was starting to sigh a breath of relief…she had a seizure on Sunday night. I gave her klonopin under her tongue as soon as she started. I also gave her P.M. meds a little early. I think this helped keep the seizure from getting worse.

I may have jumped the gun with my optimism. Her good days were so good that I thought her seizure medication should be lowered. It seemed to me that  the diet was working, because the side effects of her seizure meds were getting worse.

So, is the diet working to help control her seizures?…yes. I think so far, so good.
But, is it to soon to wean her off her meds?… sadly,yes.
Claire has taught me how to be a more patient person, this diet will be no different.

Patience to let her body adjust to all the changes taking place.

Patience to find the right diet routine.

And patience to remain still.

I can not rush ahead to a place she is not ready to be. Hope and faith will be my guide as we patiently continue this journey.

Will the diet eventually work well enough to wean her off at least one of her medications? Only time will tell. Until then…

Goodbye impatience…Hello Butter


4 Responses to “Is It Working?”

  1. Wendy Pope said

    i love love love this picture! hugs from me to you both.

  2. Shirley said

    I love the picture.. and you for keeping us informed. Your patience is shown everyday, your graditude to God is shown everyday, and your love of your job, the very best thing you do is shown everyday… being a Mommy.
    One day at a time, you and Claire will get through this.. thanks for taking us all with you on this journey.
    I love you, and the whole Martin gang,

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