Stay the Course

May 27, 2011

Stay the Course,God has You

I want to take a moment to praise God today for His faithfulness.

This diet is not only for Claire to have a better seizure free
life, but for our whole family to remember to focus on the important things in life.(by the way, it’s not food)

I can slowly spin out of balance, just like an overloaded washing machine. I talk a lot to God, so I know the familiar unbalanced sway and can correct it before completely spinning out of control. He has a gentle whisper that calms my heart. With out my daily quiet time with my Jesus, I can easily cave to the overloaded “washer” spin out of balance life.

So with all that being said, I am listening to the whispers. I can do this because God has this.
We can take this change and better our lives mostly because we are even more dependent on God to get us through all the highs and lows that a dieting  family has to go through.

Is anyone else too overloaded? Is your spin cycle about to become unbalanced? Take a breath, stay the course, God has you.

Goodbye unbalanced…Hello Butter!


6 Responses to “Stay the Course”

  1. Shirley said

    If anyone can do anything, it would be you Tina. If anyone has ever done anything for her family, it would be you Tina. If anyone has a ever growing love of God, it would be you Tina. There is no doubt in my mind that you will acomplish this, as you would do anything for your family and that little Claire Bear.
    I love you, Shirley

  2. John Wylie said

    So cool to be a part of your blog – so cool to see the life lessons learned. Thank you so much for sharing – and reminding us of these important things.

  3. wendy cosgrove said

    Tina, you just constantly blow me away with your dedication, not just to Claire and to your family, but to the Lord. Thank you for always reminding ME of what’s important and for helping me to listen to those whispers!! I pray that God continues to bless sweet Claire and all of you on this buttery journey!

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