See Claire Eat

May 24, 2011

I have weighed, measured, mixed, molded and whisked more food these past few days than I have my entire life. Now that doesn’t mean Claire is eating a lot. She is only allowed 1500 calories a day. But, in order for her to eat the small portions of food, all of the above happens.

The rest of my family has been neglected in the preparing of any morsel of food. Mainly because they can’t be eating a plate full of food around Claire. So, they have been hiding and scarfing when they can.

I hope after I get a routine down, I can figure out a way we may be able to eat meals in a more normal way. Right now its just all about getting Claire to eat.

 I even molded butter into flowers today. She liked this creativity, but finished her meal like all the others with that one word…more.

Hello butter,crackers & cheese

Yes,that meal lacks color.  Notice butter shaped flowers? We were trying for a little more variety. I made the crackers with almond meal,macadamia nuts,egg white,and olive oil. They are considered a fat in this meal,keeping the 3:1 ratio of fat to protein/carbs. and calories were 363.

Next is a staple meal with lots of lettuce. She likes as much food as possible,so lettuce is a good way to make it appear like a “bigger” meal.

Chicken,lettuce,ranch dressing and last but not least...butter!

Her smiling face always lifts my spirits,especially when I am stressing over her

food. She was even singing a little song about butter:
“Butter,butter,butter, I love butter.”
My Hello Butter Girl. Always smiling!

Sweet Blessings


4 Responses to “See Claire Eat”

  1. Karina said

    A smile that is ever infectious indeed! Claire has a will like no other I’ve ever seen 🙂

  2. John Wylie said

    I couldn’t help but smile when I saw that cute little face. How precious she is!

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