May 21, 2011

The word “more” is becoming a word that is breaking my heart. This diet is not for the faint of heart.
The five days at Children’s hospital were a flurry of activity and loads of information. As always,Claire spreads her contagious joy to everyone she meets. We logged a lot of miles in the wagon, seen a Cinderella ballet and even attended a Hawaiian luau. The child life specialists there are the best! They are very good at entertaining the kids.

Some pictures of days 1-5 posted below.

Now on day 6 we are back to the real word!

As soon as we entered the kitchen she spied a loaf of bread that some one forgot to hide. Her mood is very irritable, to say the least.


More faith.

More love.

More patience.

But not,

More chicken.

Hello Butter.


4 Responses to “More”

  1. wendy pope said

    i love the “pouty” lips. i know i don’t have to hear “more” like you do. hang in there. you are all being prayed for!
    love you.

  2. Janice Sherrill Shanabarger said

    Miss Claire is so beautiful. Her smile is priceles. Our prayers are with you.

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